Your First Bullion Investment – Gold or Silver?

At present, many people want to invest their money to precious metals, especially gold and silver. Before investing in one, you must know some basic information about Bullion investment. In this article, we describe some guidelines that will help you decide on your first investment. Below you will find detailed information about considering your first bullion purchase; Decide between a variety of unique product choices, and find the most suitable traders that will suit your needs.

So, which precious metal is most suitable as the first investment?

Assuming you have taken the time to examine many investment factors (risks, personal wealth, market tariffs, etc.) for first-time gold and silver investors tend to be the most popular choice of precious metals. A large number of people are often interested in investment gold because of its intrinsic value and additional benefits to become excluded VAT in the Sydney. Also, certain gold coins are free of capital gain tax that can attract greater number investors.

Compared to gold, silver usually has a much lower value means that storage problems can arise when looking to  a large amount of money into silver. Silver prices are rather fluctuati than gold so it is more suitable for investors who are more open to risk. Silver can produce high returns but also lose value quickly.

Is it better to invest in a bar or coin?

There are a large number of choices in terms of Gold bars Sydney and coins because both offer a variety of designs and sizes. Also aesthetic can certainly be a determining factor in this problem. So, let’s look at the pros and cons of both types of products.

Pro bar:

Most bars are sealed in protective packaging.

Usually produced in 24 carats (for gold).

Larger blades often offer lower premiums.

Cons bar:

Smaller bars often have higher premiums.

Higher market risk, if purchased with a smaller amount

Coin pro:

Very collectible.

Legal tender status.

Can be free from VAT.

Can be free of tax gain capital.


The premium is generally higher than the bar.

Coins usually don’t always come with certificates – except those set.

Where is the perfect place to buy precious metals?

Be sure to buy from a gold dealer with a good reputation. Research up online businesses, read independent reviews and feel for companies that you consider. Hang some gold dealers and ask questions. Do they like to talk to you and explain the way they work or you get the impression that you are wasting time unless you buy from them soon? Of course we prefer to buy from, we love discussing aspects of precious metal who are unsure or confused.